"Passion is what fuels us..."


Passion and discipline are at the CORE of our Performing Arts Rehabilitation

At CORE BALANCE, our Performing Arts Rehabilitation Therapists have been in your shoes.  Our therapists have been dancers, and performers, and some still are today!   They understand that performing, of any kind, is an expression of oneself.  It requires passion and discipline.  CORE BALANCE therapists understand and respect passion because it fuels us each day to help those who come to see us.  Call today to set up your initial evaluation...and get started on the path to healing!

Performing Arts Rehabilitation



At CORE BALANCE PHYSICAL & VESTIBULAR THERAPY, we understand the unique stress dancers, gymnasts, musicians, and performing artists place on their bodies.  We appreciate both the physical and emotional pressures a performing artist faces.  We realize the "show must go on!"  


 At Core Balance in Kalamazoo, our qualified therapist will take the time to listen and problem-solve during your one-on-one, full-hour appointment.  Our dedication to healing, and our reputation for helping complicated cases, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, including dance floor and barre area (new in 2019) will provide a comfortable and familiar space to rehabilitate and get you back to performing sooner. 

Performing Arts Therapist

Janis Montei, PT, OCS

Our therapist is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist with years of experience and success treating Performing Artists.


Janis' niche practice is helping performing artists stay in the spot light. She is known as the "go to" therapist for dancers, gymnasts, skaters, musicians, and actors. She has provided backstage physical therapy at Miller Auditorium and Dalton Theatre. She understands both the physical and emotional pressures of performing, as she has an extensive Cecchetti dance background, and knows "the show must go on!"

Janis has attended dance medicine conferences at the Harkness Center in New York City and at the University of Michigan, her alma mater. She has also served on Corey Terry's Wellspring Dance Board and currently serves on the Partners in Dance Board at Western Michigan University.