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About Us

Why Choose Us


Core Balance Physical & Vestibular Therapy is known for positive outcomes on complicated cases and we provide a unique one-on-one therapy approach.  Patients receive a full-hour with a Licensed Physical Therapist.  We also offer flexible scheduling before and after work, and have state-of-the-art equipment.  Call us today to learn more about Core Balance and how we can bring the balance back to your life!

What Makes Us Different


Core Balance Physical & Vestibular Therapy was founded in 2017 by Dr. Barbara Eby.  She wanted to establish a patient-centered practice where passionate therapists exceeded expectations.  A place where patients came to heal their mind, body, and spirit. A place where our CORE values of kindness, compassion, and excellence would shine through in all we do!


How We Can Help


 Core Balance Physical & Vestibular Therapy in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has decades of experience and expertise...and it makes all the difference!  

We are not just Physical Therapy.  We also specialize in Vestibular, Orthopedic,  Neurological, and Performing Arts Therapy.  

 Together, our therapists have over a century of experience!  

What patients are saying about Core Balance...

Dorothy K.

 "I am grateful for the personal touch Core Balance has given me in my physical therapy treatments.  Unlike other practices I always know the professional who will be treating me each visit.  I know that I am cared for because Core Balance puts genuine care into Health Care."

Hollie S.

"Dr. Barb Eby is beyond fanstastic!  She is a vestibular therapist in Kalamazoo who takes her time getting to know you and the type of dizziness that you have.  She is so personable, smart, and compassionate.  From simple cases of BPPV to highly complex cases like mine, Barb is phenomenal at helping to guide you through the process of vestibular therapy.  She has the heart of a teacher, is very well educated, and exceptionally caring.  If you are seeking out a physical or vestibular therapist, I highly recommend Core Balance!"

Charlene D.

" I have been suffering with severe vertigo for 2 1/2 years with no help from doctors until I went to Dr. Barbara Eby. She is amazing! She truly helped me understand my problem and her therapy has helped me in 5 weeks. I have more to go, but she truly cares about me, as she will you. I'm very thankful."

John W.

"Barb Eby has been successful in treating recurring attacks of BPV and restoring normal activity.  Her continuing therapy designed to maintain my mobility and balance has been very successful."