Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services

Sports Injuries

 Do you yearn to get back on the field or in the competitive ring again?  We can help!  Let our expert therapists set up a strengthening and pain management plan specifically aligned to your needs.  We have a Board Certified Orthopedist on staff.   

Pre/Post Surgical Care for Extremities and Spine

 Let us help you gain strength and mobility before or after your surgery.  We will work with your surgeon to provide the rehabilitation you need to get back to life! 

TMJ/TMD Therapy

 Did you know physical therapy can also help alleviate your TMJ symptoms?  Our Board Certified Orthopedic Therapist is an expert in treating TMJ symptoms.  Let go of the pain.  Give us a call today! 

Tendinitis, Sprains, Post-Fracture Care

 Sports injury?  Accident? No worries, the therapists at CORE BALANCE know exactly what to do to help you heal.  We are specially trained in orthopedics and can offer superior care during your one- hour appointment with your personal therapist. 

General Strength and Balance Conditioning

 From young to old, everyone can benefit from general strength and balance therapy.  Whether you are in need of CORE strengthening, or assistance in devising a plan to strengthen your overall posture, balance and gait due to underlying disease, we have a plan for you. 

Pain Management

 We understand pain.  Let our therapists guide you to a personalized treatment plan that alleviates your pain, and sets you on a path to healing.  Live the pain-free life you deserve! 

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