Wellness Program at Core Balance in Kalamazoo

Wellness & Fitness Membership

The Wellness Program at Core Balance in Kalamazoo is often used by those who have graduated from physical therapy, however, it is open to community members who just want to stay fit.  

All clients must receive an evaluation from one of our physical therapists before joining.  Each member will learn about the equipment use and safety during the orientation.  Exercise routines will be offered and updated to keep the body challenged.  

No appointments are needed for fitness members exercising on an independent basis.

 No commitment or initiation fee required.   

Fee Schedule


Wellness Membership for Core Balance Graduates  

$25* a month (unlimited visits)

$35* a month to add use of Reformer and Core Align (unlimited visits)

Community Membership  

$30* (unlimited visits)

*Payable the 1st of the Month