The Core Balance Team

Barbara Eby, PT, DPT, MEd



Physical Therapist and CEO


Dr. Eby graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BS in Physical Therapy.  She received her MEd in Exercise Physiology from Wayne State in 1994 and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University in 2004.  

In 1991 Dr. Eby began her practice at an outpatient traumatic brain injury center.  Here, she realized she had a passion for vestibular care.  Since moving to Kalamazoo in 1997, Dr. Eby has been a trusted provider of vestibular rehabilitation in the Kalamazoo metro area.  She also cares for patients will more traditional therapy needs.  

She is passionate about her calling and specializes in helping clients unravel the underlying issues even on the most complicated cases.  She uses a holistic approach to care, and establishes solid relationships with her patients, while empowering them through education.   

Dr. Eby is an APTA Clinical Educator, and is Competency Trained in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Cervicogenic Dizziness.  She is also ImPACT and ASTYM Certified.

Dr. Eby, or more affectionately, Barb, has a caring and gentle way about her.  She will always be the one ready to lend an ear, and she can make you feel like a million bucks, literally!  



Janis Montei, PT, OCS



Physical Therapist


Janis is a board certified clinical specialist in orthopedics and has been serving the Kalamazoo area since 1980.  She has expert training in manual therapy and osteopathic techniques.  She feels patient education is vital in helping patients learn how to make wise decisions about their body movements and activities.  

Janis effectively treats neck and back pain, all extremity joint problems, and TMJ with excellent outcomes.  She has extensive experience in sports medicine from the triaging state of acute sports injuries through full rehab, and has helped thousands of athletes, including some notable famous athletes, return to their sports.  She is also an expert in pre/post-operative physical therapy and is known for high quality outcomes.

Janis' niche practice is helping performing artists stay in the spot light.  She is known as the "go to" therapist for dancers, gymnasts, skaters, musicians, and actors.  She has provided backstage physical therapy at Miller Auditorium and Dalton Theatre.  She understands both the physical and emotional pressures of performing, as she has an extensive Cecchetti dance background, and knows "the show must go on!"

Janis has attended dance medicine conferences at the Harkness Center in New York City and at the University of Michigan, her alma mater.  She has also served on Corey Terry's Wellspring Dance Board and currently serves on the Partners in Dance Board at Western Michigan University.

Janis has a contagious laugh, and her patients adore her colorful stories!  If you hear her laughing in the next room, you will have to crack a smile, as well.

Gina Schau, PT


Physical Therapist

Gina graduated with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Physical Education from Albion College.  She then earned her Physical Therapist Certification from the Mayo Foundation School of Physical Therapy in Minnesota.  She has worked as a staff physical therapist or Director of Physical Therapy in Southwest Michigan for most of her career.

Gina enjoys getting to know her patients and seeks to provide them with the best care, while educating them about a home exercise plan that can extend the results of physical therapy and improve the quality of life.  

Gina enjoys spending time with her family and traveling as often as she can.  She loves the lake life, sports, and hiking.

Gina has a relaxed personality and you will often find her smiling and enjoying conversation with her patients in the gym.

Autumn McDaniel, PT, DPT


Physical Therapist

Autumn graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy from Central Michigan University.  Her therapy philosophy is to improve patients' understanding of their diagnosis, increase each patient's quality of life through healing, and provide patients with a strong home exercise program so they have the tools to maintain their improved status after completion of therapy.  

One of her biggest passions is learning and growing as a clinician to provide the best care possible to her patients.  She has experience with treating a variety of orthopedic conditions and enjoys working with patients of all ages.  

Autumn has a strong love of sports,  being active, and enjoying the great outdoors.  

Angela Kava


Office Manager


Angela graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, and a minor in English and Early Childhood Education.  She comes to us with a wide-range of experience.  She taught elementary school at a private school in the Kalamazoo area for 18 years, and then worked as a Teaching and Learning Technologist for two years.  

A few years ago she decided to move into a new career.  She has since worked as a Sales and Training Manager for her sister's company...where she put her tech and teaching skills to work!. She also dabbled in Life Enrichment, where she shared her love for teaching, crafting, yoga, and spending time with senior citizens.  She finally landed here at CORE BALANCE, and we couldn't be happier!  

Angela's strengths lie in organization, efficiency, grammar, and helping others.   She keeps all the behind the scenes "stuff" (like this website) under control so the therapists can do their very best work!  She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, and has taught yoga classes to young children, cheer teams, teachers and senior citizens.  She has a passion for decorating and shopping... and if you love dogs, especially Golden Retrievers, then you already have a lot of common with Angela!


Alyssa Laney


Office Assistant


Alyssa  was born and raised in Kalamazoo.  She graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science.  Alyssa ventured out to Las Vegas for four years where she worked as a high school volleyball coach and physical therapy technician.  Since moving back to Kalamazoo she has enjoyed working in therapy settings, including direct care, recreational therapy, and more recently, as a phlebotomist.   

Alyssa's passion is to make people smile.  She truly enjoys helping people, whether it be through her daily work or applying her coaching talents to help the youth of our community.  

We are happy to have Alyssa at Core Balance!