Dizziness and Vertigo

Vestibular Therapy


We are vestibular experts at CORE BALANCE!  If you are looking for the best, you have come to the right place.

Dizziness and Vertigo patients are put at ease as the therapist explains the relationship of the many different symptoms they are experiencing, and a plan of care to address these symptoms so they no longer interfere with life.  

  • Our therapist is equipped with infrared video goggles to accurately diagnose your vestibular disorder.

  • Our therapist is trained to perform the Epley, Semont, and Foster Manuevers, and educate patients on numerous home exercises to improve symptoms.


  • At CORE BALANCE, our therapist is experienced with the many causes of dizziness and vertigo, including post-concussion syndrome, cervicogenic dizziness, neurological disease, migraines, inner ear issues, and more.  

  • CORE BALANCE has the latest in vestibular and balance technology, using the BIODEX Balance System (coming December 2019) to diagnose and treat patients for even more success.


Ellen M.

"I have progressed a lot at Core Balance.  I am more confident.  I am no longer having pain in my ears.  The exercises I do at Core Balance are very helpful.  I feel like a viable person again!"

Anna V.

"I was treated professionally and friendly.  They make you feel like coming back, even though you had completed your therapy.  I wouldn't hesitate to come back if needed, and would recommend the "Core."  I'll miss my therapist, Autumn.  I feel more like my old self!  Also, it's very clean!"

Peggy J.

"I am so happy I was referred to Core Balance by my physician.  I was having dizziness and my balance was not good.  My therapist, Autumn helped me so much!  I highly recommend Core Balance to anyone that is having vestibular problems and needs help with strengthening your core." (Source:  Facebook Reviews)

Marti R.

"I went to Core Balance for my vertigo and Barb Eby was wonderful again.  I have seen her in the past and loved her.  She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.  I would highly recommend Core Balance--the staff that works there is wonderful!"

(Source:  Facebook Reviews)

Richard G.

"I had a bad case of vertigo when I started at Core Balance.  Barb Eby and her staff did an amazing transformation from vertigo in 3 months.

...They provided me with a home maintenance program to prevent recurrence.  Can not say enough about Core Balance.  I highly recommend them...thanks to them I can lead more of a normal life.  Will always be indebted to Core Balance."  

(Source:  Facebook Reviews)

Lisa S.

"I knew I had vertigo issues, but did not know the severity.  I just learned to deal with it.  I was comfortable as soon as I walked in the door of Core Balance.  The ladies up front are amazing.  Barb Eby is Incredible!  She "gets it"!  I have seen specialists my entire life regarding dizziness and no one got it!  I cried tears of joy and relief and tears of anger that it took this long for someone to "hear" me!  I could ramble on but will sum it up with these words:  Compassionate, patient, calming, intelligent, understanding, experiences, delightful,...Now I am on the correct path in healing and feeling more grounded, with the exercises given.  Thank you for doing what you do, Barb!"

(Source:  Facebook Reviews)